After market car parts and OEM car part


In all industries, the market is filled with the replica of the top manufacturers. This is applicable for automobile industry also. The automotive aftermarkets are filled with non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) car parts. These non-OEM car parts are known by the name after market car parts. Let us just see what the important differences between these two types are.


·         You do not get after market car parts in a dealership shop. They are only available in independent repairing shops.

·         The OEM car parts are costlier than the after market parts.

·         The quality of the product will be more in OEM car parts.

·         The non-OEM parts are difficult to choose from since there are more options.


But all these may not prove to be in favor of the owner. You will be buying these products for a cheaper price in the aftermarket, however; you do not get any promise from the manufacturer of these products about the quality. Not only that, the car’s manufacturer may refuse to honor the warranty if you used after market car parts once. So in the longer run, the owner may not be saving anything and in turn, will be spending more for the parts. In the case of OEM, part you do not have to select anything. Go to the dealer and get the part replaced. But in an independent repairing shop, you will have to select the right manufacturer and this may prove to be frustrating for the owner. The decision is in your hands and so is the performance of your car.