Website design can be classified based on several kinds of approaches as well as concepts. There are distinct categories and these categories of Website design are :

a) Designer philosophy – this works on the premise that designers are extremely creative and so their creativity works in subjected ways. The website is based on the designer’s personal view of the world. The result at the end of the Website design could either be loved or hated by other people.

b) Enterprise design – this is commonly found and in this there are 2 main approaches. Everyone is to be involved and the boss is to be pleased.  This increases the efficiency as each of the departments take care of what pertains to them but the users of the website sometimes get confused and lost on the site.

c) Content centered design – these have more focus on the content and the result sometimes is that the content is grouped in so many different ways that at the end there is nothing which can be found on it.

d) Technology driven design helps in lowering of the cost and this helps in focusing on the design so as to ensure that the final product is quickly reached. This is easy when it comes to implementation for Website Designers.

e) User experience driven – this has the design which is user centered and this is the best kind of design as the user is in the center of this design and this has huge potential as well as it is highly appreciated by the users.