Passing Drug Tests Using Synthetic Urine: Know the details!

Synthetic urine has gained popularity among people who have tried to pass drug tests though it wasn’t the only use for its development. Due to its similar composition to the human urine, it has been the easiest way to beating the drug tests. Of course, it is readily available, which is again an advantage for the people who are planning to get their results positive. However, this is not the only way to pass the drug tests.

Urine Samples Can Be Diluted

Sometimes people dilute their urine to lower their drug ratios instead of relying on urine to pass the drug tests. There are specific cut-offs to pass the drug test. Therefore, if your urine shows very less amount of drug, then your test results can show negative. Hence, you can drink a lot of water for diluting your urine before the test. It will weaken the concentration. However, it will be known to the laboratory experts, and it totally depends on them whether they will consider it as negative or positive.See more at http://weedinmypocket.com/

Detecting Synthetic Urine Through IgG

There’s a unique component that differentiates human urine from synthetic urine which is known as IgG. The presence of IgG in the urine specimen indicates that the sample is from a human source. However, testing for IgG in urine samples doesn’t come under the drug testing protocols, and it is illegal according to the federal US law. You can only conduct IgG if the lab has the written authorization from the donor. Apart from the legal issues, tests such as drug metabolites test, creatinine tests, and nitrates test are very complicated and expensive.